Gold Creek

Fully Cooked, Ready to Eat

Gold Creek’s PREPARED FOODS DIVISION prides itself on being your Retail Experts for all your product line needs. We have equipped our facilities with the MOST MODERN processing tools available. This investment serves your needs by adding safety, production cost savings, and efficiency to every product we produce.

Gold Creek Foods PREPARED FOODS DIVISION offers the following services and feature to you, our partner:

  1. 3 baggers and scales for a higher process efficiency
  2. Each finished package is x-rayed for foreign material adding to the safety and product quality level of your products.
  3. We offer Printed, Zipped and Gusset bags

Gold Creek Foods PREPARED FOODS DIVISION offers the following product mix to you, our partner:

  1. Char marked Fillets and Tenders
  2. Whole muscle portioning
  3. Wings
  4. Tenders
  5. Strips
  6. Chunks
  7. Formed

Gold Creek's Commodity Processing

As another way of expanding Gold Creek’s presence in the fully cooked poultry segment, we have developed a USDA Commodity Processing Program that will be fully operational for the 2019-2020 school year.

Gold Creek’s commodity program will offer a wide catalog of High Quality, Nutritious and Excellent Tasting whole muscle and formed chicken products for the 14,000+ public school districts across the United States.

Quality Commitment

Cold Chain Process Management

  1. Our team is about assuring customer needs so that expectations are always met.
  2. Gold Creek has trucks that run between our facility and freezer hourly.
  3. Gold Creek has a commitment to produce quality.
  4. Gold Creek maintains a full-time quality control tech at our local freezer storage facility.
  5. Our QA team communicates data and feedback with our partners to continually maintain the highest product standards.
Gold Creek